Tank Game! Prototype

For the past 2 weeks Ive been working with a small team on the Tank Game! a prototype for a multiplayer party game based on World War 2 era tanks. It was heavily inspired by bomberman which is evident in the gameplay demo.

We are also quite keen on keeping the game updated and possibly even releasing it at some point in the future.

I worked on most of the art in the prototype, from the tank models and animations to all of the particle systems and special effects used in the game. I have recently been learning Unity’s Shuriken Particle editor and really got to put those skills to the test on this project.


Viking Game Character Animation – Work In Progress

Wanted to have a bit of fun with the Viking assignment so in my spare time I played around with him and threw him into the SpaceShip Town I worked on previously. Also saw it as a good opportunity to experiment with animating with props. I added an extra bone in his rig so that he could manipulate props without having them be completely stiff in one hand, allowing him to tilt it around and put it down without having to hide and unhide seperate instances. Rendered in UDK.


Viking Game Character Project





24 hour challenge – backlot

Just a quick update with a 24 hour challenge done at AIE. I worked on this with Princy Suarez (http://www.princysuarez.wordpress.com).



Space Viking Shiptown level project

Just completed our latest project at AIE, another game environment using the Unreal Development Kit.

I worked on this level with 4 others at the college;

Jess Cooper – www.jesscooper.net
Princy Suarez – http://www.princysuarez.wordpress.com
Rhett Mason – http://www.andra-art.tumblr.com
Cooper Morrison-Smith – http://www.coops236.tumblr.com


We started with the premise of Space Vikings or a spacefaring warrior culture that settled withing the broken hull of a large spaceship, with all of the houses being made up of parts of spaceships. Some of us started watching game of thrones during the project as well so we got a bit carried away with a few things.
All assets in the scene are designed to be modular so we managed to get quite a busy scene during the 4 week project. All textures are painted by hand.

Nonna’s Kitchen – Game client project

I thought now would be the time to upload the game I worked on for AIE’s Client project Module where we had to find a client who we would have to deliver a product to. The result of our project was Nonna;s kitchen, a cooking score attack game built for the iPhone in UDK. This game was initially meant to make it to the app store however due to recent complications that may not happen.
Check out the development of the game from initial prototype to the latest version.

Shader showcase

Another assignment was to create a set of unique shaders usable in a game engine.